My name is Anna, I'm a college student graduating in May 2020.  I created Holy Frappe because there is a lack of healthy, non-dairy options in the to-go market.  Several years ago, I started making my own healthier coffee beverages, after discovering the high calorie content of drinks at Starbucks & Dunkin; I was never able to enjoy them myself, as someone who is extremely lactose-intolerant and at risk for heart disease due to genetics.

Everyone should be able to enjoy a delicious specialty coffee drink to-go regardless of their dietary restrictions and without worrying about what mystery ingredients are in it.  

After experimenting for years, I've come up with the best tasting recipes that you're sure to crave!

CEO / Founder

Anna Blanchette

Why go dairy-free & how can Holy Frappe make a difference?

Holy Frappes are just 180-230 calories and diet-friendly to people who suffer with Crohn’s disease & other conditions that restrict dairy intake.  75% of people are/will become lactose intolerant in their lifetime; many are lactose intolerant & unaware of it while experiencing adverse symptoms.  Dairy is loaded with saturated fats & many of its products are paired with high amounts of sugar (99g of sugar in a SMALL Dunkin drink! Recommended daily intake is 25g), components which lead to some of the most widespread health issues such as heart disease and diabetes.  Coffee is the second highest consumed beverage in the world.  If we can make to-go coffee better, we can change the health outlook for the better.  America needs & deserves a coffee brand that is interested in better health, and that’s why I’m starting Holy Frappe!

What do donations & profits from merch go towards?

As a small startup run by myself, I am asking you to consider donating or purchasing merch packages to help support the cause.  I design and make all the merch myself.  Due to the lockdown from COVID-19 my college graduation date has been delayed & I was unemployed like many others.  I will be using any monetary contributions to handle the first months of commercial space rent in the Lehigh Valley area, ingredients, supplies, and equipment.  I immensely appreciate any amount contributed and can't wait for you to experience your first Holy Frappe!

A startup company to launch in Lehigh Valley, PA.

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